Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
"Greater" Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes Region is comprised of Sorors from the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. 
The Great Lakes Region, which is also known as the "heart" of Zetadom, is home to some of the greatest names in Zeta history. It is the home of two of our beloved founders Mrtyle Tyler (Faithful) and Viola Tyler (Goings), who were born in Flushing, Ohio. It is also the home to one the sorority's first initiates, Gladys Warrington (OH).



Since the beginning of the sorority's existence, the Great Lakes Region has been a witness and a home to many other historical people and events including:



* The revised adoption of the sorority constitution at the 1933 December Boule' in Chicago, IL

* The home of past Grand Basileus Fannie R. Givens (1930-33) who resided in Louisville, KY


* The home of past Grand Basileus Violette N. Anderson (1933-37) who resided in Chicago, IL

* The home of past Grand Basileus Nellie B. Rogers (1937-39) who resided in Indianapolis, IN

* The Sorority was Incorporated in the State of Illinois in 1939

* The home of past Grand Basileus Blanche Thompson (1940-43) who resided in Chicago, IL


* Had distinguished members: U.S. Representative Julia Carson and Mamie Townsend of Indianapolis; Abbie Clement (Jackson) and Dorcas
   Ruthenburg of Louisville, and Judge Edith Sampson of Chicago. 


* Frances Faithful (Triumphant), the daughter of founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful became a charter member of Zeta Beta Zeta of Flint, Michigan
   in 1958.


* Birch Haven located in Idlewild, Michigan. The property was bequeathed by past Grand Basileus Violette N. Anderson upon her death.


* The first region to become a Centennial Diamond Donor.

* The first Centennial Diamond Donor, Soror Dorothy King (MI)

* The first chapter become a Centennial Diamond Donor Chapter, Eta Chi Zeta of Joliet, IL



From being the home of the founders to housing one of the sorority's most precious properties, the Great Lakes Region continues to thrive. Along with the rapid growth of the sorority as a whole, the Great Lakes Region continues to move just a quick and never fails to make the sorority proud. Eta Chi Zeta is proud to be a part of the "GREATER" Great Lakes Region and the illustrious state of Illinois.



For more information on the Great Lakes Region, visit the website at www.glrzeta.org.


Connie V. Pugh
24th Great Lakes Regional Director