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2022-2024 Chapter Appointees and Committee Chairs

Bylaws - Sabrina Rhymes

Chaplain - Chandra Allgood-Foster

 Domestic Violence Coordinator - Indira Perkins

Crystal Dove Coordinator - Ida Richardson-Edwards

Fit/Finer - Latoya Marks & Tamisha Owens

Fundraising - Zandra Washington

 Legacy Coordinator - Janielle Gooden

Life Member Coordinator - Sabrina Rhymes

March of Dimes Coordinator - Dana Meredith

Membership - Chandra Allgood-Foster

Mental Health Coordinator - Shenekia Stimage

NPHC Representative - Kelly Smith

 Pearl Essence Foundation - Chandra Allgood-Foster

Personal/Professional Development - Porsche King

Public Relations & Marketing - Terriana Gregory

Reclamation & Retention Coordinator: Sheila Traylor

Scrapbook - Krystal Ivy

Service - Naomi Kates-Lillie, Dominique Johnson,

& Cecilee Smart-Griffin

Social - Ericka Williams

Social Action - Chandra Allgood-Foster

Undergraduate Advisory Council- Danielle Gooden

Zeta/Sigma Relations Coordinator - Karri Taylor

Z-HOPE Coordinator - Pamela Mack-Rainey



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